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Explorance Conference: How does AI impact managers and the world of work?

HR Friends in Quebec, Register for this day of exchange and testimonials organized by Explorance.

Explorance Impact Tour is traveling the world of employee experience.

The Tour stops in Montreal to discuss Talent Management, employee engagement, skill development, and new practices enhanced by generative AI and machine learning.

I will present "The new behaviors of managers in talent management", aided by HR technologies, to attract, develop, and retain talents.

What is the common denominator of teams that recruit and retain successfully?

They develop talents. Their managers initiate different conversations.

  • Leaders open new unprecedented career paths, in line with the transformation of skills that are shaking up our organizations. Among these emerging practices, some push the boundaries of traditional schemas that your organization might not value at first.

  • From the talent value proposition, to the upskilling, these precursor behaviors are a response to explicit expectations regarding work experience. They are also the precursors of a new talent economy.

  • These simple and common-sense behaviors, observed among field teams, distinguish modern work environments, largely praised by candidates and employees of all ages and backgrounds.

  • In an era of major social and technological upheavals, these new managerial practices align to meet the aspirations of leaders and talents.


Explorance Impact Tour in Montreal
Explorance Impact Tour in Montreal

About the event organized by Explorance:

Specifically designed for Chief Human Resources Officers, VPs of HR, and Directors of Talent Management and Employee Experience at large enterprises. This event will highlight the use of employee feedback analysis to address critical priorities, including closing the skills gap, improving employee experience and effectiveness, and impact of AI on HR.

See you on Thursday, November 2, 2023 in Montreal.

About Explorance:

Explorance measures and enriches the employee experience throughout their career in the company. It is based on the continuous collection of feedback and comments, thus making it possible to obtain an in-depth understanding of talents by cross-referencing the skills and feelings of employees, to improve individual and team performance and to identify engagement factors. and loyalty at different stages of the employee journey.


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