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Strengthen your digital capabilities

Let’s start your HR transformation

NEXA HR combines knowledge of HR Talent and Payroll technologies and organizational optimization to build transformation strategies for the HR function.


The next stage of your HR transformation is being prepared with technologies and a redesigned organization.


In the era of valorization and protection of employee data, automation, machine learning and the mobile experience, HR has directions and decisions to make to prepare the work of the future.


NEXA HR supports you with complete neutrality in the ever-expanding HR TECH ecosystem.

Jean-Baptiste Audrerie and Valérie Fichelle, co-founders. 

Valérie Fichelle_SIRH Consultant_NEXA HR
Jean-Baptiste_Audrerie_HRIS Consultant Talent Management_NEXA HR
NEXA RH means NEXT and NEXUS_Conseil stratégie numérique SIRH et Transformation RH


What's coming soon?


What happens connects and brings together

All our customers experience this: 

  • The HR service offering is evolving, with delivery constraints.

  • The work of the future, hybrid and mobile, is pushing HR to reinvent itself and better equip managers and employees.

  • Adaptation to new technological capabilities is accelerating, for everyone.

  • HR roles, responsibilities and processes are transforming with these new capabilities.

  • Employee experience improves efficiency, attraction, performance and talent retention.

  • HR data is secured as much as it is valued.

  • The HR technological ecosystem is abundant.

  • HRIS investment decisions are based on conclusive analysis.

  • The conditions for success of HCM solution implementation projects must be met

  • HRIS expertise and knowledge of the HR Tech market saves valuable time, in addition to limiting the risk of error.

We help them: 


  • Think about and envision the HR department and its operational model with new technological capabilities.

  • Redefine the HR service offering.

  • Specify HR technological needs for today and tomorrow.

  • Design candidate and employee journeys that are fluid, effective and engaging.


  • Choose the solutions adapted to your vision of transformation, your needs and your capabilities.

  • Target rapid and affordable optimizations, in the different functional areas: HR Base, Payroll, Time Management, Analytics and Talent.


  • Approve long and complex transformation programs.

  • “De-risk” HR transformation projects with best practices and required resources.

HR transformation

NEXA RH supports your organizational optimization and

service delivery models for HR-Payroll and Talent functions. 

Organizational Design

HR functions

Optimization of

HR efficiency

Increase in digital skills of the HR function

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