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NEXA HR combines knowledge of HR Talent and Payroll technologies and organizational optimization to build transformation strategies for the HR function.


The next stage of your HR transformation is being prepared with technologies and a redesigned organization.


NEXA HR supports you with complete neutrality in the ever-expanding HR TECH ecosystem.

Navigate the complex HR technology landscape with confidence with our HRTech Market Marking service. We conduct an exhaustive analysis of HR TECH market trends, identifying innovative tools and solutions that match your specific needs. With our expertise, you will be equipped to make informed and strategic decisions regarding your HR technology investments.Learn more... 

Our HRIS Investment Business Case provides an in-depth assessment of the tangible and intangible costs, benefits and benefits of maintaining or replacing your HCM solution. Combining precise analysis and persuasion, this key document informs and influences your management committee. We provide you with the data needed for informed decision-making, propelling your business forward with confidence and certainty in your strategic choice.Learn more...

Organizational Design of HR Functions

Shape the future of your HR department with our HR Function Organizational Design service. We work with you to create an agile and efficient organizational structure. By aligning responsibilities and skills, we strengthen collaboration, accelerating the achievement of your HR and business objectives. Learn more... 

Transform your Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) into an engine of efficiency and innovation. Our team of experts develops a tailor-made HRIS Evolution Plan, aligned with your budgetary, procurement and IT architecture constraints. From process optimization to seamless integration of new features, we design an HRIS capabilities environment that grows with your organization.Learn more...

Make the right choice from the multitude of HR solutions available. Our Solution Selection Assistance service is based on an in-depth analysis of your requirements and your corporate culture. We guide you towards the most suitable solutions, guaranteeing low-risk integration and rapid adoption by your teams.Learn more...

Optimization of HR Efficiency

Unleash the full potential of your HR team with our HR Efficiency Optimization service. We identify inefficiencies, streamline processes and implement innovative technologies. The result: a more effective HR team, able to focus on strategic initiatives while improving the employee experience. Learn more... 

Jean-Baptiste Audrerie

Jean-Baptiste Audrerie
NEXA RH inc.

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NEXA RH inc.

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