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HRTech Las Vegas 2023 in 3 words

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Summary of the first HRTech Las Vegas 2023 day in 3 words... It's very simple. AI, Skills, Experience.

HRTech Las Vegas, summarized in 3 key words by Jean-Baptiste Audrerie, co-founder of NEXARH.
HRTech Las Vegas, summarized in 3 key words by Jean-Baptiste Audrerie, co-founder of NEXARH.

🔵 AI / Artificial Intelligence in HR: We are witnessing a tidal wave of generative Artificial Intelligence in HR solutions, in North America and elsewhere. Of course, AI in HR is not new. But generative AI has changed everything in 10 months with the dazzling burst of progress and the democratization of GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer) with OpenAI and Microsoft. Why does this change everything? Because traditional (hard) code is complemented by generative content. It is found in almost all uses: candidate attraction chatbots, analysis of employee profiles, translation of training content or even HR analytics which suggests and comments.

The technological obsolescence of “non-generative” solutions is measured in months, not years.

🟣 Skills: I am talking here about Management by Skills or “Skills Based Management”. The detection, unification of multiple sources of information on skills, classification or even the evaluation of skills exploits the new capabilities of AI and GPT but above all, ties in with our point 3: The employee experience. Skills are the finest degree of employee knowledge for personalized management in job opportunities and new emerging skills across all sectors. As an organizational psychologist, this subject fascinates me. It will revolutionize talent management and HR service offerings.

🟡 Experience: Adoption and engagement of candidates and employees on solutions only happens when these platforms are relevant to them. To improve the experience, we must rely on content personalization, inclusiveness, prescriptions, predictions and the guidance of an assistant. This is what AI allows. This is what the “skills” allow.

You're going to hear about these 3 words for the next 10 years to transform work and HR.

Article summarizing my visit to HRTech Exposition originally published on my LinkedIn page on October 11, 2023.

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