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HRTech Las Vegas: HR data, new formula wealth with HR Automation.

We are only at the beginning of the valorization of employee data, this underexploited wealth which will not remain so for much longer. Here's why !

🔵 Automated data integration and cleaning.

They eliminate organizational and informational silos. We can see in demo the links to be made between employee satisfaction, turnover rate and skills level, indicating the best ways to develop missing skills to guide development initiatives. The solutions can assemble an employee profile from multiple external and internal sources with heterogeneous data. Shedding light on cross-cutting topics that have never been explored is the promise of most solutions. It is magic

🟡 Automating interviews with AI.

“Speech to Text” makes it possible to identify soft or technological skills and translate them then pre-select a large volume of applications to qualify them in talent pools. As the CVs are written by ChatGPT to defraud a little, the interview authenticates the candidate. Tests are regaining interest to quickly qualify profiles removed from positions due to the unprecedented transformation of skills in the new economy. We return to the source of the in-person evaluation, aided by an automatic analyst. This is a revolution in the HR automation of external and internal recruitment. 🧞‍♂️

🟣 HR data inference

(adding information when missing) applies to reading CVs to enrich “Skills” not mentioned by the candidate or to suggest highly probable feedback comments to clarify statements in relation to the context of assessments in a survey or a performance review or even assess a level of skills. When we know that employee profiles are almost always poorly completed, we can to a certain extent fill in the gaps and inform the portrait of our workforce. It’s stunning! 🦄

🟤 HR data goes to the employee.

We will talk about the consumerization of data, as in health and connected objects. Through applications focused on talent (and no longer just HR), individual data can range from feelings to skills. And this, in addition to classic transactional HR data linked to HR movements and processing. We can therefore guide, assist, coach, feedback, suggest, prescribe while personalizing and stimulating people's interest in an HR platform. It's powerful!

Protect and enhance this wealth.

This article about HRTech Las Vegas 2023 was originally published on my LinkedIn page on October 13, 2023.

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