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HRTech Las Vegas October 10-13, 2023

From October 10 to 13, 2024, I am preparing to live an immersive experience at HR Tech Las Vegas, the flagship event in the world of human resources and technology. My goal is not limited to exploring innovations in the North American market, but also to inform and guide my clients as a watchdog for HR solutions.

During these intense days, I will dive into the exciting world of generative artificial intelligence by meeting most of the cutting-edge Canadian solutions present such as AbsorbLMS, AppyHere, AtmanCo, Explorance,, Vidcruiter, Visier or Workaxle.

I will focus on emerging trends such as competency-based management, frontline employee experience platforms, and talent management solutions integrating Diversity and Inclusion.

I will share my encounters, discoveries and new perspectives with you on LinkedIn and in this blog.

This will allow my clients and HR professionals to stay up to date with the latest advancements, strengthening our community and helping shape the future of HR.

HRTech Vlog What's next Jean Baptiste Audrerie
HRTech Vlog What's next Jean Baptiste Audrerie

Stay tuned to discover the exciting future that is taking shape in the world of HR!

HRTech Vlog What's next Jean Baptiste Audrerie

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