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Marking of the HRTech Market

Navigate the complex HR technology landscape with confidence with our HRTech Market Marking service. We conduct an exhaustive analysis of HR TECH market trends, identifying innovative tools and solutions that match your specific needs.

To meet these challenges:

  • Find your way in a teeming, innovative and changing HR TECH environment.

  • Understanding market segments that are sometimes very niche and segmented responding to very different needs and budgets

  • Appreciate a Technological and Services ecosystem requiring continuous, long and costly monitoring.

  • Find opportunities to buy locally, innovate with agility or modernize the employee experience without initiating major projects.

  • Stay at the cutting edge of trends or simply meet new regulatory obligations imposed by the legislator.


HR solutions market (without payroll)

  • Employee file

  • Organizational data

  • Organizational chart

  • Employee Experience Platform

  • Frontline Employee Experience Platform

  • Workforce planning

  • Social advantages

  • Advanced pay

  • Health and Safety, Well-being

  • Report, dashboard, data visualization,

  • HR analytics and advanced analytics.

  • Strategic workforce planning



  • Canadian net pay

  • International Payroll

  • Payroll aggregator


Time management

  • Timesheet

  • Leave and Absences

  • Planning

  • Forecast


Talent management

  • Recruitment or Talent Attraction and Acquisition (CRM, ATS)

  • Welcome and Integration, Termination and Departure (Onboarding, Off-Boarding)

  • Performance and objective management, ongoing conversation

  • Succession management

  • Training and development management (LMS or LMS, LXP)

  • Management by skills

  • Career and mobility management

  • Engagement survey

  • Skills assessment tools

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