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New HR Tech Innovations: Keeping Up with Technology

HR Tech innovations everywhere:

Many of our clients have utilized HR Tech solutions for their selection processes.

With numerous HR Tech innovations available, we have updated our insights with 24 solution providers.

List of Solutions Demonstrated or Showcased:

  1. ADP - HCM, Payroll Outsourcing

  2. Apprentx B12 - Learning Reinforcement

  3. Cegid - Recruitment, Talent Management, Psychosocial Risk Prevention

  4. Co//App - Sourcing Activity Management

  5. Covaly - Development-focused Conversations for Managers

  6. Degreed - LXP and Competency Mapping

  7. Dayforce - HCM

  8. HiBob - HCM without Payroll for SMEs

  9. Knowingo - Frontline Employee Training

  10. Konvergo - Open Source HCM

  11. Mouse At Work - Parsing, Matching

  12. Octomine - Employee Surveys

  13. Relevance Studio - Career Pages

  14. SigmaRH - HR-Talent Suite without Payroll, Health-Safety-Prevention

  15. - Sourcing, Parsing, Matching

  16. Sodales - Health-Safety and Prevention

  17. UKG - HCM and Workforce Management

  18. SAP SuccessFactors - Talent Intelligence Hub, WorkZone Employee Portal

  19. Workaxle - Time Management

  20. Workforce Software - Time Management

  21. Workday - HCM, Workforce Planning

  22. Workleap - Employee Experience Platform

  23. Workind - Flexible Benefits

  24. Zoho People - HR-Talent Suite without Payroll

New HR Tech at every level:

While the positioning of these providers is evolving, certain fundamental criteria for selecting your preferred vendor remain constant.

Naturally curious, we also attended previews of new solutions featuring:

  • New functionalities

  • Innovations with generative AI

  • Extended functional scope

  • Acquisitions and solution integrations

  • New pricing strategies

  • Specific market positioning

  • New integrators and partners

Powerful Levers for HR Transformation:

We believe that conventional capabilities remain powerful and necessary for driving digital transformation in HR. Even the most innovative startups cannot replace the foundations of your processes and business rules, which must be configured in a business solution.

However, certain startups and established vendors can add significant efficiency in specific use cases.

Emerging Capabilities in Abundance:

With the rapid advancements recently announced by leading AI platform providers (read our article on OpenAI's Chat GPT-4o), clients are reassessing their expectations and seeking balance. Providers are introducing new AI models and investing to keep up with conversational agents, generative content, and other knowledge bases.

The emerging capabilities that cutting-edge and multifunctional solutions bring to clients include generative AI, personalized experiences, actionable insights (recommendations, suggestions, forecasts, etc.), engaging design, and new digital needs.

Some startups and established vendors, with the addition of AI, can bring significant efficiency to very specific use cases.

Therefore, the latest HR Tech innovations are mainly about how clients will use them, whether in conventional or emerging ways.


If you are a provider and would like to share your innovations and market positioning in Quebec and Canada, we are available to schedule meetings. Our knowledge of your offerings helps us assist our clients.


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