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The HR TECH Directory is enriched

We've just added 12 new solutions to our HR TECH Directory for the month of March.

In total, to date, we have listed 482 solutions.

And it’s accessible to everyone (well, almost!).

🤩 Carrying out an HR Techno watch takes time, especially in an expanding and consolidating HR TECH ecosystem.

Keeping this monitoring up to date is our “Core Business”.

During this time, you can focus on your HRIS Selection and the Digital Transformation of your HR department.

HR TECH Directory
HR TECH Directory

✔️ This March 2024, we have added solutions to these segments of the HR TECH Directory:

  1. Micro-learning: Moving from concept to action with an e-doing and Nudge approach, allowing ongoing training adapted to the pace of each employee.

  2. CV screening with AI: Select candidates more efficiently and objectively.

  3. Employee Experience Platform (EXP): Improve engagement and job satisfaction through unified communication.

  4. Interactive and contextualized training: Offer a personalized approach to learning.

  5. Strategic workforce and skills planning (SWP): Anticipate future needs and adapt human resources accordingly.

  6. Talent attraction and recruitment (CRM-ATS): Combine candidate relationship management and application monitoring for optimal recruitment.

  7. Frontline Workers Platform: Supporting those on the front lines with the tools they need to succeed. On this topic, read our blog post.


🟣 How do we choose to add these solutions?

- When we explore the market for clients, we add them to our Directory. He is our second brain.

- When the solution providers are Quebecer or Canadian (we have already listed 90% of them), or more certainly American and European, we add them to our analysis list then to our HR TECH Directory. We ensure that they have at least capacity for the North American market.

- When these solutions complement underrepresented segments.

- When they add emerging, new, and innovative capabilities.


To consult the HR TECH Directory:


To access detailed information, you must register. It's free.


Good reading.


Jean-Baptiste Audrerie, HR TECH Industry Analyst, author of this blog post.
Jean-Baptiste Audrerie, HR TECH Industry Analyst, author of this blog post.

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