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12 new solutions added to our HR TECH directory - June 2024

Uncovering Unnoticed HR TECH Editors in North America and Europe

Every month, we analyze the conventional and emerging capabilities of Canadian, American, and European HR TECH Editors that are flying under our radar.

To date, we have 198 Canadian HR TECH solutions in store. 😎

A few words about the Canadian solutions analyzed:

Accolade (Montreal, Toronto) is a Canadian recognition solution. Its advantage: it simplifies the management of service anniversaries and special occasions. Its gift card formula is linked to employee expectations.

FutureFit AI (Toronto, New York) is a Canadian career development solution for businesses that extracts skills from employee CVs and profiles to match them to job postings and internal opportunities. The solution relies on several million jobs analyzed to match jobs and skills from an upskilling perspective.

MakeShift (Calgary) is a Canadian time management solution. It includes several modules based on AI for predictive scheduling of schedules based on constraints (conventional rules, employee availability, seniority, variation in demand, etc.) and management of leave and absence requests.

nimble bubble (Montreal) is a Canadian training solution for giving and receiving feedback. The solution hosts courses and combines online training with synchronous online and in-person activities.


Insightful HR TECH Presentations: Evolving Solutions and Roadmaps

Over the past few weeks, we have also attended several presentations from publishers. These demos are an opportunity to see the roadmap the solutions take and how their positioning evolves over time. Each time, we will update the solution sheet in the HR TECH Directory.

We had the pleasure of updating with the following Canadian solutions:

  • Altee (HR, Time and Talent Base)

  • Airudi (Recruitment, HR Analytics, Health and Safety)

  • Accolad (Recognition)

  • uXpertise (LMS)

  • Visier (HR Analytics, Skills Management, Strategic Workforce Planning and Skills)

We also took a tour of the “Talent Intelligence Platform” (TIP), also sometimes called “Talent Life Cycle Management”:

  • Phenom (IAMPHENOM event in Philadelphia, April 24-25, 2024)

  • Beamery (Spark Live virtual event, June 5, 2024)

  • Eightfold (Cultivate event in London, June 11, 2024)

  • Neobrain (Humania event in Paris, June 27, 2024)


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Good discovery.

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