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Learning & HR Tech Trends 2024: AI everywhere... but not only

Welcome to a comprehensive summary of my observations and insights from the massive Learning & HR Technologies 2024 event held at Porte de Versailles in Paris, featuring 400 exhibitors and 12,000 participants. Learning and HR Tech Trends 2024 are destabilized by the weight of Gen AI and ML but they are tied to the fast evolving technology landscape.

Rising Learning Tech Trends:

  • Augmented Reality (AR): AR is making significant strides with publishing studios and training projects. Though still costly, these initiatives are having a high impact.

  • Learning Transfer and Impact Measurement: The ability to measure the transfer of learning and the impact of training on operations is becoming a staple in best practices for online training solutions.

  • Knowledge Management (KM): Making a strong comeback from its origins in the 1990s, KM in 2024 is all about accelerating the pace of digital skills renewal, data processing, and the decarbonized economy. KM is reborn with Knowledge Graphs and text document analysis (guides, task aids, collective agreements, policies, procedures, training documents, videos, podcasts).

  • Training Content Aggregators: These platforms offer increasingly varied and extensive catalogs, addressing standard 'Off-The-Shelf Content' needs.

  • Training Content Publishers: Publishers are creatively competing to capture, segment, and disseminate content, whether it’s video-based or classic e-Learning.

Rising HR Tech Trends:

  • Skills-Based Organization: Moving beyond avant-garde circles, this concept now spans across solutions that measure, detect, aggregate, map, and visualize skills, from skill taxonomies to dynamic skill ontologies.

  • Well-being and Prevention: Driven by mental health concerns, sedentary lifestyles, and absenteeism, platforms are gamifying physical activities, offering stress management, and micro-content for training.

  • Global HR Solutions and Umbrella Employment: These are making rapid advances, supporting internationally expanding companies in recruiting sales or R&D talent globally.

  • Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP): Although less represented in terms of solutions, SWP often crowns a solid business strategy aligned with a "People" strategy.

  • Employee Portals are aiming to communicate and engage hourly and frontline employees. They are only represented by few solutions, even though these population represents 47% of the workforce.

Stable Learning & HR Tech Trends 2024:

  • Online Coaching: Gaining traction after a slow year 2023, democratized coaching programs, coupled with analytics, are transforming the management of coaching programs.

  • Onboarding Solutions: Confirming their role in structuring critical practices for securing recruitments.

  • Employee Engagement Survey Solutions: Continuing to address the need to listen to employees, though the market is consolidating.

Learning & HR Tech Trends 2024 in Retreat or Less Present:

  • HR Analytics Solutions: While essential for digital transformation and personal data protection, they were underrepresented.

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB): Struggling to stand alone, often merging into analytics, recruitment, and training.

  • Frontline Worker Solutions: For communication, they had a notable presence but more generally focused on employee communication.

  • Blue Collar Recruitment Solutions: Still underrepresented compared to their growth in the North American market.

  • Blockchain is still struggling to find a place for authenticating contributors, certifying transactions and training. A few too few solutions demonstrate the power of this technological foundation.

  • Metaverse is a vast construction site, far too distant and inaccessible to the great mass of workers to vet an employer or train. Until basic HR digitalization and analytics mature, only a few employers will conduct targeted, innovative and costly pilot projects.

The Overarching Impact of AI in HR:

AI in HR overshadowed everything at HR Technologies Paris 2024. Why? The new technological wave is not only real but also astonishing in its power and versatile applications. From web content generation for career sites to rapid development of training content and onboarding processes, AI is touching every aspect of employee and management experience.

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