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HRTech Las Vegas 2023: Let's automate as much as possible

Updated: Jan 30

“Let’s automate as much as possible.” This is the phrase I heard the most at HRTech Las Vegas. And yes, AUTOMATE is a new HR skill.

Let's automate as much as we can

“Automate as much as we can”. This HR technology mantra heralds a new era of increased productivity. Boosted by the rise in power of ML, LLM tools and other AI services, solutions can now not only animate a process, energize a form, process enormous quantities of data or personalize the experience of each individual, whether in career management, training courses or coaching. 🤖🌱

Automation for employee experience.

“Automate as much as we can”. Automating means freeing companies and HR departments from the weight of repetitive administrative tasks and placing emphasis on expertise. This paves the way for rapid administration and scaling of engaging individualized talent management, previously unthinkable with rigid and conditional business processes. 🌱🌟

Automate as much as we can.

The potential ? Huge ! This sounds the alarm of a tipping point in the lives of HR managers. Departments like recruitment, onboarding, strategic planning and HR analytics could achieve 25 to 50% time savings. Some tasks are simply destined to blend into a super-fast flow of information. Thus offering assistance in informed decision-making for managers, HR and employees themselves (Talent Centric). 🌟🔧

Some examples among many others.

  1. AppyHere (Montreal) has been automating the mass recruitment of hourly employees for several years, to their greatest satisfaction. They have compelling examples of automation that will transform your operational capabilities.

  2. VidCruiter (based in Moncton) has just launched automated analysis of pre-selection interview videos and skills assessments. What is the time saving for your teams?

  3. ServiceNow (one of whose main AI research centers is in Montreal) orchestrates the process flows of HR service centers. Whether offshore or not, AI could cut tier 1 teams in half thanks to intelligent chatbots and its document analyzes of your HR policies and the most relevant questions/answers.

Then I hear the usual reaction: “But it’s not human!” 😱

But is the endless paperwork? 📄🤔

But is the lack of availability to speak to a human? 📄🤔

So yes, let’s automate!

For the future of HR. In the name of agility, informational intelligence and modernity.

It's all about technological architecture, return on investment, repositioning the HR service offering, upgrading the tasks of advisors and increasing their skills (consulting role). #HRTransformation #HRAutomation #HRTech #HRTech

This article related to HRTech Expo in Las Vegas 2023 was first published on my LinkedIn account on October 19, 2023.

Jean-Baptiste Audrerie, author of this blog post, co-founder of NEXA RH.
Jean-Baptiste Audrerie, author of this blog post, co-founder of NEXA RH.

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